You are welcome here!
We love having visitors of all ages. Whether you are searching for a new church home or just curious, you are welcome at Holy Trinity!

We know that visiting a new church can be an uncomfortable experience.  To help you feel more comfortable at Holy Trinity here is some helpful information:

  • What to wear: our members wear a variety of clothes from jeans and a t-shirt to business casual.  
  • Our Worship Service begins at 10:30am.  We encourage you to come 10 minutes before worship starts so we can welcome you and answer any questions you have.  
  • We have two parking lots on either side of our building. For Sunday mornings we use the parking lot on the East side by our main entrance.  
  • Arrive and come on in! You will be greeted at the door by our greeters or pastor. 
Notes on Worship
  • We do not have assigned seats so feel free to sit anywhere in our worship space. 
  • We do not usually have paper bulletins. Everything you need for following along with worship will be on the tv screens in the front of the Sanctuary. 
  • Toward the beginning of worship, everyone is invited to stand and greet one another with handshakes, waves, or hugs; we call this time "Passing the Peace." Please know that you will not be singled out as a visitor and you are invited to participate in the "Peace" as you feel comfortable. 
  • We welcome everyone to share in the meal of Communion, including kids.  
  • Please feel free to ask your neighbors any questions you have!
  • After the "Peace", the pastor will invite the children forward to share a message with them. Please encourage your child to come forward (parents/guardians are welcome to come up with their kids). 
  • We love having kids here and think it is important for kids to feel welcome in worship. We also know that sometimes kids get antsy during worship; have no fear, we do not mind the noise that all kids make!
  • If your kid needs a break from worship, you are welcome to use our Family Space located just outside the Sanctuary. There you can find toys, crayons, and kid's books. There are also coloring sheets and crayons available for kids to take to their seats.