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Please hold the following people in prayer:  

Barnhouse and Martin Families for the passing of Travis Barnhouse. Jean Pritchard, Jim and Karen Rosset, Blake Family for the passing of Gertrude Blake, Karen Wonsick, Schular family for the passing of Nancy's son Bill,  Joyce Egan's great grandson Liam, Kim Price, Trudy Rowe's daughter Debbie Seifert, Mike and Holly Keller for passing of Holly's sister, Haas Family for the passing Denny Haas, Cherie Steffen, Joyce Egan's granddaughter Angel, Ralph's Stewart sister Stephanie, Kirk Stotzer.

*To keep our prayer list up to date, people are automatically removed after two weeks. You can add someone to the prayer list by contacting Cindy Lucas  at  or 330-844-2821.