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Please hold the following people in prayer:  

Manson and Williams families on the passing of Leota Williams, Jean Pritchard, Dave Summerville friend of Nancy Ramsey, Bill Foss, Jerry Fowler, The passing of Ray the caregiver to Bob Morrison, Kelly Lapratt, Don Warner, Merle Fisk, Carissa Hershey, The Harder Family for the passing of Bill Harder, Russ Clark and Family for the passing of Pat Clark, Amy Popovich for the passing of her Aunt Pat, Erin Endlich for the passing of her Uncle Dave, Candy Morrison,Randy Byard, Patty Iams, Randy Endlich, 

*To keep our prayer list up to date, people are automatically removed after two weeks. You can add someone to the prayer list by contacting Cindy Lucas  at  or 330-844-2821.