If someone would like to bring flowers, from their yard, and use their own two vases, they can be
placed on the Altar Flower Stands. It can be one flower per vase, or a bouquet per vase. You take
the flowers home after the service. Have them on the Altar flower stands by 10:00. Other options are:

  • Bring a bouquet of fresh flowers from a store, in your own two vases, and place on the flower stands by 10:00. Take the flowers home with you. 
  • IF you would like to order flowers, you can contact Cummings Florist, and pay for them. Each
    vase is $40.00. Cummings will deliver the flowers to the church, using vases we provide for them.

Anytime you bring flowers, you can let us know if it is in memory of, or in honor of, or a special
birthday, or anniversary. The name of the purchaser and their information will be put in the

We will be putting up a FLOWER CHART on the Altar Guild door. This Chart will
have every Sunday of the year, and you sign up for the Sunday you want, with the specific
instructions for the flowers of the day beside your name. You will have to write small.